It’s gotten cold, winter has arrived in hotlanta. The grass has turned brown and gone into dormancy. The shrubbery and deciduous trees have lost their foliage. The morning frost lightly glazes your vehicle on the way to work. Even though the temps have dropped, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your landscape for the spring. Pruning your Crepes is a great ideal for this time of the year. When pruning be sure to avoid leaving your tree looking like it has fingers, it’s referred to in the green industry as “crepe myrtle murder.” This is a common problem found in a lot of homeowners landscape. This a photo of a customer’s crepes that had been incorrectly pruned for several years, can you see the fingers? We offered our expertise and correctly pruned her crepes free of charge; she was so happy. Pruning your crepes will encourage new growth for the upcoming season. New growth in your plant material and lawn can start as early as February. Also during the winter months, it’s really important to mow your lawn every 3-4 weeks. Believe it or not your grass never stops growing, it just slows down growth in the winter. Your lawn still needs to be mowed in the winter to keep it trained. It’s also not a bad idea to add fresh mulch to spruce up your winter landscape. Mulch can also serve as a protector to your tree/shrub roots from harsh winter temps that can potentially cause damage.