fallpictureAs the Fall season approaches, the leaves will began to become beautiful clusters of color. The temps will become perfect for relaxing outdoors and grilling. The pumpkin pies will start to bake, and plans for holidays will start to be a hot topic over the dinner table. Guest what, your lawn will start to change as well. Your warm season turf (Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede) will start to go into dormancy as the season progresses. Your cool season turf (Fescue) will become thicker and greener because it’s coming out of dormancy.

During the fall season, your lawn will be a little more susceptible to funguses due to the cool temps. There are some cultural practices that can be done to reduce the chance of a fall fungus. Keeping leaves off the¬†lawn for extended periods of time, watering properly, mowing properly, and preventative fungicides will all reduce the chance of fall fungus. Keeping leaves off the lawn will¬†allow more air flow through to prevent moisture from being trapped on the grass blades which can cause a fungus. Watering times are vital in fall, it’s always best to water in the morning instead of night so moisture can evaporate which reduces the chance of a fungus. Mowing properly with sharp blades will ensure a precise cut which would prevent tearing the grass blades, this will also reduce fall fungus. Lastly, allowing us to apply a preventative fungicide to your lawn will reduce the chance of a fungus. A preventative fungicide will retard some of the natural environmental conditions that causes funguses.

Enjoy the fall season, and watch the Atlanta Falcons spank every team they play (lol)!